Why Do People Commit Suicide?

Every newspaper tells us once a month or after a month that someone has attempted for suicide. Most of them luckily evacuated and stay alive but in few cases result is different. Here, a question is raised that why people commit suicide?

Our Internal Wheathers

Naturally everyone loves themselves but in few cases if you don’t love yourself, you will still care for you. You will care in cold weather, in hot temperature, feed yourself when hungry, prioritize yourself on others and there are many more things which we do for ourselves. But, as there are many kind of weather just like that there are different moods of human beings just like weather.

Sometimes we feel boring, sometimes amused, sometimes joyful and sometimes we are tired of work and just like these moods people also get tired of their life which results change in life and behaviour of a person. Here are some possible reasons of committing suicide.

Boy attempting for suicide
Boy attempting to commit suicide

Reasons of People’s Committing Suicide

While talking to experts and de-morale people we came to know that nobody commits Suicide and even never thinks about harming himself due to no reason or due to any one or two reasons. In fact, there are always multiple and different reasons which lead a human being think that he cannot live in the world anymore. Following are some possible reasons which (more than one) when experienced by a person, he can possibly think about harming himself.

  • Severe Depression.
  • Inferiority Complex.
  • Getting hate from loved ones.
  • Feeling of failure in every aspect of life at the same time not getting desired job, getting loss in business, not performing good in studies, failed to make good relationship with family, faced cheating in love, got cheated in friendship etc.
  • Feeling guilty of serious nature e.g. after someone’s murder, some kind of sin or rapping anyone or getting raped.
  • Sometimes one feel guilty without any reason. Possibly due to failure in love, friendship, family or loss in any other aspect of life.
  • Accidental fire.
  • Feeling rejected in life for many times.
  • Suddenly emotional due to any single or multiple reasons even not in depression or inferiority complex.
  • Emotional misunderstanding related to any important thing.
  • Due to someone’s conspiracy.
Depressed man
Depressed man thinking to commit suicide

Solution and Treatment of Suicide Thoughts

It is quite a natural thing to have such thoughts and the reasons of these thoughts have been mentioned above. As we stated above, reason differs in everyone’s case. Just like that treatment also differs. There are some universal tips and suggestions which will surely help you getting back in your life.

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Are You A Victim of These Thoughts?

  1. If you are just thinking to commit suicide after few minutes and thinking about it since long. Please have a deep breath and put your hand on your heart and tell yourself that everything is going to be fine.
  2. You are not the only one person who wants do die, there are million of people who get the same thought especially when sad.
  3. No one loves? No reason to live? Or being frustrated by people? Everything has a solution and you are not a looser.
  4. You have many problems in life and you always think about your barriers which do not let you live peacefully.
  5. Have you ever tried to ignore the barriers or tried going against them?
  6. Get a paper and write down your every problem. Your issues with mom, dad, friend, girl or boy friend, write everything which has badly affected your happy life.
  7. Things you can’t share with other, you can still write them because nobody is going to read it. Just write everything and cry if you want.
  8. Now if you have written everything close that paper and retain it below your pillow for the night.
  9. Next day when you wake up, you will feel light as feather and if you are feeling light, then pick up that paper and burn it or throw it somewhere away. In such a place from where it should never come back in your life.
  10. Now pickup the pen again and make your rules, not to expect from anyone for help, for love, for good deeds and not for anything else. Set your goals in life regarding success in business, job or study. But never completely relay on others. Never cry for a person who never care about you.
  11. Be like a tree which gives other a cool shadow, fruit and oxygen but people still throw stones on the tree. Be like that tree which never expects and never stops doing good to others.
  12. If you have some issues with a human being, don’t retain the thing destroying your mind. Just tell the person and feel free wheather he rectifies his mistakes or not.
  13. One more thing. There is no power on earth which can recover you from such feelings if you don’t take a stand yourself.
  14. Get yourself listen some expert and motivational speaker.
  15. Author of the article has recovered from the same condition.