Treatment of Depression Without Medicine

Note: Author of this article has experience Severe Moderate Depression for more than an year. He tried to treat with and without clinical medicines. This article is experienced based and no doctor was consulted for the article. However, doctors were consulted during experiencing the disease. Therefore, take this article as a suggestion and chose the way at your own (for treatment of depression with or without medicines).

About The Article

If you are reading this article, you may be the one who are unfortunately suffering from the disease or you simply wanna know about it for your loved one. There are a lot of articles available across the internet regarding depression and its treatment. YouTube also reveals many videos which are recorded directly by the specialists. As I already stated above, this article is purely based on the experience of a patient. The author has written the article himself to help others.

What is Depression – Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a condition, a type of serious mental illness in which one may experience following symptoms:

  • Poor appetite
  • Disturb sleeping or over sleeping
  • No interest in any activity
  • Loss of pleasure even when performing a joyful activity
  • Decreased Libido
  • Thinking about death / suicide
  • Wants to stay isolated
  • Don’t want to talk even one someone calls
  • Weeping / crying (in severe depression)
  • Inferiority complex (not in all cases)
  • Not willing to see the morning
  • Feeling guilty without any reason
  • I am a useless person
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Treatment of Depression -Author’s Experience

Story of My Depression

I experienced all the symptoms which are stated above. Things were quite serious then I told a person about my issue, I only told him the only two symptoms. Not willing to see the morning and disturb sleeping. He immediately evacuated me consulted to a specialist. Who gave me different medicines and also admitted for a half month in isolation. Hospital staff was supposed to note my all activities which include eating, sleeping, talking and 24 hours routine. I used to take the medicines on time but I was not talking to anyone.

Meanwhile, I had a few changings in myself. Changings were too much but some basic things were sorted out like eating on time and sleeping on time. After 16 Days, I was discharged from the hospital saying that I am fine which wasn’t true. I kept talking the medicines, which resulted in some side effects i.e. dizziness, constipation, being fat and eating more food and being happy without any reason.

Suddenly, I met a person in my routine work and he asked about my health and my expressions. At the time when the person asked me for my health, I was feeling the same thing which I felt at the time of hospital admission. He told me a key point, that behind every fact there is always a reason. If you are having inferiority complex or suffering from depression, then it must have a reason. You should think about the reason and kill it instead of taking medicines. He told me his own some problems of childhood and it was enough for me to find my own reasons. Though, I am not going to show all the reasons there, but some of the reasons which I consider the possible reasons for depression are as under.

Possible Reasons of Depression

It has been stated on the top that the article is totally based on personal experience and the sole purpose of telling you my story is that you may relate something and lead to the reason and kill it. However, some of my reasons were:-

  • Nobody loves me because nobody was showing, including my parents, brothers and sister and other relatives.
  • My childhood was not good (and I kept some little occasions and stories in my mind).
  • I have done many things wrong in my life (broke someone’s heart).
  • I am not a good person (remembering some regretting actions of life).
  • I am a looser (and remembering some occasions like failure in love or failure in exams or failure to take care of the family.
  • I have lost many good things and loved ones in my life (related to the unfortunate occasion of the death of father or someone loved one).
  • My whole life is useless (due to having miscellaneous above mentioned and un-describable reasons, because no one shares all the secrets).
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Treatment of Depression Recommend by Psychiatrist And Measures Taken by Author

In the condition, psychiatrist gives medicines, recommends rest and tries to take you back from the feeling or the condition. In my case, I used many medicines but I was unable to stay stable without medicines.

At the end when someone (not a doctor) asked my about my issues, I cried and tried to tell him the reasons but I was unable to speak. tears were visible in my eyes and were also in my throat. That person understood me and said, “write down all of your bad experiences of life and give me the paper when you want and your time starts now”.

I wrote two pages while crying, wrote many things which were in my mind that i.e. I am not a good person, no one loves me, no one cares for me. The paper was immediately handed over to the person and he asked some more questions. Which were like what sort of love you want? and some related questions he asked and directed me to answer them when comfortable. I used to write many answers including two more pages of worst experiences and the reasons by which I was not willing to live in the world. But I never handed over him the last two papers because I wrote all the things, I started feeling good. It was not the end, I accepted that if no one loves, someone will come in future. He grew a plant of hope in my heart.

Even after this experience, I felt sad and remain in tension for many times. Still, I accepted that it is not the end. I can bear the loss, these things are the part of life and nothing is permanent.

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If You Are Suffering From Depression What Should You Do
  • I would again say that it is not the doctor’s recommendation but please try my recommendation once in your life, even if you are experiencing severe depression.
  • Visit a psychiatrist once, tell your issue and see what he says? If he says you are suffering from depression and recommends some medicines, take those medicines but remember on thing, you can’t take the medicines for whole life, it is a great addiction.
  • You should find out a person who is a mature, even not a doctor, but is caring and is educated and sensible, even if you don’t know him or he don’t know you. Tell him to help you, tell him about your bad experiences and ask him to counsel you and ask for suggestion.
  • If you can’t find a mature or caring person as desired, get a paper and write down all the worries, all the tensions, all the sins and all the mis happenings of your life and cry. Cry for how long you can and then you will stop crying and when you stop cry, burn the papers. Believe in God you will feel better.
  • Be religious, make yourself busy in some work.
  • Make yourself busy in walks, running and gym.
  • Read books
  • Search about Islam (it is a beautiful religion and will help you a lot in every aspect of life).
  • Take rest on time, bedding time effects your brain a lot.
  • If ever you are feeling the same thing, instead of taking the medicines, go to the bed and sleep for how long you can.
  • Those who stay in too much isolation, it ruins. It is highly recommended to get rid of isolation.
  • Talk to others, even if you don’t walk to talk.
  • Everyone has some interest, in movies, in gaming, in sports, in machines, in computer, in books or it can be anything. Find out a person of your interest and give him some time for your recovery and for your life.
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Doctor will decide that if you are suffering from Depression or not, and you will decide that you will keep suffering or not. Believe me try the thing and you will be fine enough. Treatment is in your hands.
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