Mudassir Javed Hashmi – The Android Guy Dk

Who Was Mudassir Javed Hashmi

Mudassir Javed Hashmi was a Pakistani YouTuber who was born on 16 April 1996 in Pakistan. He was best known for his YouTube channel, The Android Guy Dk, which gained a large following for its tech review and tutorial videos and reached over 250k+ subscribers on YouTube. In December 2022, Mudassir tragically passed away due to cardiac disease at the young age of 26. Despite this loss, his influence on the tech community lived on, as his channel inspired many aspiring content creators to pursue their passions.

After the original channel of Mudassir Javed Hashmi was removed by YouTube, Mudassir did not let this setback deter him and instead created a new channel under the name of Dr Dk. He was also a successful blogger at Through his hard work and dedication, he was able to earn a steady income from YouTube and provide for his family. Hashmi’s determination and love for technology were evident in all of his videos, and he will be remembered as a talented and influential figure in the tech world.

Cardiac Illness and Struggle

In childhood Mudassir was initially treated for his cardiac illness in Rawalpindi. The cardiac operation was unfortunately unsuccessful and doctors told his parents that he won’t survive longer. That happen almost at the age of 11 years. Beside that illness and no equipment to start a channel instead of a mobile phone with 1 GB RAM he didn’t give up and lived for 26 years with the aim of becoming a successful YouTuber for his family. Later he bought many useful gadgets for himself and for his brother Muzammil.


He was awarded with YouTube silver play button by the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki for getting first 100k subscribers on his channel named The Android Guy Dk.


Family of Mudassir Javed Hashmi and his elder brother Mubashir Javed Hashmi who is also a YouTuber known as Bashar Hashmi.

Elder brother of Mudassir Javed Hashmi (The Android Guy Dk) has also written some words in the memory of his late brother, read by clicking here.