Top 7 Survival Based Movies To Watch

Movies have now become important entertaining activity in current era. Movies though, should be avoided to watch because of Islamic point of view. Therefore, we should avoid watching vulgar content. Movies have several categories, family movies should be watched to pass time and to get motivation. Therefore, Advanced User is presenting 7 top movies which are based on survival and also include action and adventure. Thus, are good to watch even with the family.

1. The Revenant

The Revenant Movie

The Revenant is actually in the category of action and adventure but the movie is purely based on survival. It is a story of a soldier which was left injured in the jungle by his crew. The soldier was injured by a wild bear and telling more about the movie will ruin the suspense. The movie is based on a true story inspired by Hugh Glass, 1823.

2. Apocalypto

Apocalypto Movie

Apocalypto is again an interesting survival movie and is adventure too. Story is based on a tribe, living peacefully in jungle. The whole tribe was like a family and their existence was based on hunting. They suddenly got attacked by other wild kingdom who burn their all houses now story begins on remaining few people.

3. Life of Pie

Pie was a teenager who lived with his family. His father was an owner of a zoo and once they all, along with their animals were traveling via ship which sustained heavy sea storm. Resultantly, Pie left alone with wild animals in the sea and survival begins without food.

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4. 12 Years a Slave

12 Years a slave Movie

It is a real life story of an American, who remained prisoned and worked as a slave for 12 years. The story is quite obvious but is adventurous. It is a highly recommended movie to be watched.

5. Everest

Everest Full Movie

As everyone know that Everest is the biggest mountain in the world. Though, by the name the movie doesn’t seems to be interesting. However, it is thrillingly based on survival and is also adventurous. It is a story of a team who went to climb Everest.

6. Escape from Pretoria

Escape from Pretoria

It is another true story based movie. Pretoria is name of place where in jail some prisoners kept thinking about the life and burned the midnight oil to escape from the jail which was structured with top security measures.

7. I am Legend

I am Legend Movie

The world has been attacked by zombies, who come outside in the dark. Story revolves around the man who left alone in the city. No source of communication and no hope of help. It is a super motivational movie which makes us think that we should never lose hope in any circumstances.


These movies will help you a lot when you feel hopeless. Because every movie is based on survival and contains stories which boost our morale. Therefore, it is highly recommended to watch these movies once.