10 Important Software For PC

Though, a computer is functional without installing any software but using software we can make our work easier. For example we can download anything from internet in a new PC without having any additional software installed but if we install a powerful browser or a download manager, downloading will be much faster and web pages will perform smoothly with a good browser. So, here is a list of 10 important computer software which will make your life easy.

1. IDM Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is the most important software to be installed in computer or laptop. IDM helps a user to download anything from internet with 10x faster speed than browser downloader by splitting downloads in different parts. Moreover, it has verity of other options like speed limiter, download videos from any website, pause and resume and many more. Click here to download latest version of IDM for free.

2. Power ISO

Power ISO is a tool used to extract, burn and to make bootable CD / DVD and even USB from .iso file. Many times we need to install windows in our computer, in that case Power ISO is a best tool.

3. Winrar

Winrar is one of the top used computer software. It compresses large files in .rar and .zip (more options also available) format. It has more features like file encryption, protection of any type of file or folder with password. Winrar also protect files from being infected by viruses. Thus, it is a must software to be installed.

4. VLC Media Player

Computer users definitely need a Media Player Software. There are a number of media players available on internet but VLC Media player is a highly recommend player. Though, there are several other free to use software available on internet but VLC has its own user friendly features. It is lite, interface is user friendly and supports all kinds of Media files i.e. .mp4 .mkv .flv .mov .avi and more. It also has screen recording and online streaming feature.

5. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is usually known to everyone. MS Office is a package of software which include different software to be used for ease of office work. MS Office has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and OneNote. Office work is not possible without use software and Microsoft Office is highly recommended to be installed because it has stability, features, user friendly interface and there are a number of online courses available to learn the usage of Microsoft Office. Click here to download Microsoft Office for free.

6. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the number 1 top used web browser. It is recommended due to the sportage of extensions and smooth functioning. Click here to download Google Chrome for free.

7. Bandicam

Screen recording has become an important need. Despite availablity of many screen recording software Bandicam is recommended to be used. Normally screen recording doesn’t support games but Bandicam has separate options for desktop recording and games recording without any lag or being hanged.

8. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has solution of all kind of image files. Using Adobe Photoshop one can fully customize photos with color enhancements, shadows, changing background of picture, removing objects from photos and you can do what you imagine with your photos. Photoshop is not very user-friendly software. Therefore, it requires some training but nothing to worry about because there are million of tutorials available for free across different platforms on internet. It has a great use in industry and homes. Click here to Download Adobe Photoshop for free.

9. Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editing is aim of almost every computer user. There are several software which are used for video editing but Adobe Premiere Pro is the top most video editing software. Like photoshop, Adobe Premiere is also not easy to use and it also requires some training. Luckily, tutorials of the software are easily available on multiple platforms and are paid and free too. Download Adobe Premiere Pro for free.

10. Terra Copy

Tera Copy is a lite and amazing tool. Though, mostly users are not aware of the great tool but it is a tool which will make you happy. Copying and pasting files in computer is highly necessary for everyone and Terra Copy is a tool which manages file movement in computer and has unique features like copying files from multiple drives at a time with option to manage speed and also gives option to pause and resume. It helps copying files faster.

Conclusion | Installing Important Software

Using computer has become necessary for all but choosing a good software to make things easier is difficult. Therefore, these software are recommended to be installed.