Windows 10 Latest Version Download

Microsoft Windows 10 is the widely used windows in current era. Though, Microsoft has also released a higher Windows which is Windows 11 which can be downloaded from here.

Download Windows 11

What is Windows?

Windows is the number one widely used operating system for computer. Microsoft has also been releasing windows for mobile phones with Nokia. Gradually windows phone became unpopular and then later obsolete due to high demand of Android Phones.

Windows is a software and unlike other computer software because it is an operating system software. An operating system software is the software which is just like soul of the computer. Now, it is obvious that if there is no soul in human, there is no human functionality. As like human soul, windows is like a soul of computer.

Why We Need Windows?

To run a computer, we need an operating system software and there are several different operating system software available from different companies; Apple has Macnitosh, there is linux, unix and finally windows. Due being easy available , user friendly environment, supporting of nearly all software of the world and computability with PC games, windows is the highest used operating system software of the world.

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Working of Microsoft Windows

An operating system software takes input from the computer user using keyboard, mouse or other input device and sends that input to the processor, processor processes that input and gives some output. Now that output can be in different shapes i.e. soft or hard. Soft means the output using monitor or LCD and hard output means a printed paper or anything which can be touched. So, the functionality of windows or any OS is to regulate the whole process by giving facility of GUI with user friendly environment.

Minimum Computer Requirements For Installation

  • Processor – Core 2 Duo or higher
  • RAM – 4 GB or higher
  • HDD space – 70 GB (less than 20 GB space required)
Video – How To Install Windows 10 Urdu / Hindi

How To Download Windows 10

Windows is not a free OS and is also expensive for the users at home or with small office. Therefore, it can be purchased by Microsoft directly and there are also many resellers available who sale the original product. Though, the original product is expensive but if you desire to have a look through the sellers you can check links below.

Download Windows 10 from Microsoft (Official and NOT ACTIVATED)

Purchase Windows 10 from a reseller with discount (15% off) – Check description of the video for discount coupon

Download Microsoft Windows 10 for Free

Note: Downloading free softwares can affect your computer software or hardware and can also be hackers attack. Therefore, always try to stay safe from free sources.