Mobile Number Tracker Apk Download

Mobile Number Tracker is an essential app for android users. Users can get details of any mobile number in Pakistan with just an application without using any VPN. The facility was available on multiple websites in preceding years but PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has imposed restriction on those sites to be visited or viewed in Pakistan.

Why Mobile Number Tracker?

Everyone get unwanted unknown calls and SMS almost after every few days in Pakistan. Thus, mobile number tracker is a great toolkit to solve the problem. It has unique features like sowing CNIC number, other mobile numbers, name of owner and complete address of the owner. Using the app one can get the details and verify that weather the person is known or not.

Features of Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile number tracker has fantastic features of SIM owner data which include:

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Owner’s Name
  3. Owner’s CNIC number
  4. Other mobile numbers


First view of the application shows a search box field to search a number or CNIC without Zero and we can see a search button to submit our request to search data of a particular number.

Mobile number tracker apk

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After searching a number we get details as shown in the screenshot below. If details are not

search results of mobile number tracker apk

Download Mobile Number Tracker Apk

Mobile Number Tracker app is available for download for free. Click the download button and install the application.



Though, the SIM Ownership app is easy to use and available for download. Even if you are facing any issue using the app, use VPN and if the problem persists comment below.