Namecheap Users Warned of Phishing Attack via Official Email Address

Phishing attack namecheap warns

Popular Domain registrar Namecheap has issued a warning to its users regarding a recent phishing attack via the company’s official email address. Users have reported receiving emails claiming that a parcel they ordered through DHL cannot be delivered due to non-payment from the sender, and requesting that they pay to receive the package. When users asked for more information about the package, Namecheap clarified that it was a phishing attack and assured users that they were investigating the situation.

Namecheap issues warning to its users regarding an email sent from their official addresses was actually a phishing attack
E-Mail containing a phishing attack is being received by Namecheap users asking for payment to process delivery of a parcel

According to Namecheap, the company’s upstream email system was involved in the attack, and all emails have been stopped while the issue is being resolved. While some unauthorized emails may have already been received by users, Namecheap is urging them to ignore these emails and refrain from clicking on any links included in the message.

Namecheap support service clarifies about their recent email containing a phishing attack

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly common, with cybercriminals using a variety of tactics to trick users into revealing personal information or downloading malware. In this case, the attackers attempted to exploit users’ trust in Namecheap’s official email address to steal personal information or money.

How to Stay Save From A Phishing Attack

To protect yourself from phishing attacks, it’s important to be cautious when receiving unexpected emails or messages, especially those that request personal or financial information. Always verify the sender’s identity and double-check

any links or attachments before clicking on them. By staying vigilant and following best practices for online security, you can help protect yourself from cyber threats.