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MX Player is a largely used multimedia player Android App. Though, there are many popular video and Media Players are available in Play Store but Mx Player Pro attracts users the most.

Why MX Player

MX Player is very popular due to its interface and heart touching features. Anyone who one uses MX player, never use any other Media Player just because of its user friendly, eye catching interface and its cool features.


Like every good media player app, MX player has many good features

  • User friendly interface.
  • Eye catching color and good UX / UI design, which anyone will prefer.
  • Remembers where you left. Whenever you are watching some stuff and have to do any other work, MX player remembers the timeframe where you left the video or audio.
  • On re opening of the app, it asks that wheather you want to continue where you left or want to start from beginning.
  • HD video support. Other apps may stuck on high resolution videos but MX Player handles them and views them smoothly.
  • Mp3 and audio support. In start it was not supporting audio files. But the latest version of MX player pro app has a good support of audio files.
  • Background player. By default if you were watching something in MX player and close the application, the thing you are watching or listening will be closed. But in settings we can chose to olay anything in background. Which means that if even you close the app, you media file will still be running and you can enjoy multitasking.
  • Subtitles Download. It happens that sometimes we have a movie which has no subtitles. In that case, MX Player allows you to download subtitles online and syncs with your movie.
  • Dual audio support. Many movies across internet internet have dual audio support. MX player lets us easily switch between multiple audio files.

MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is much similar to the native app of MX player but the difference is that MX Player Pro is a paid app and runs without ads. It means that you can enjoy your desired stuff without facing any disturbance from ads.

Download Pro Version of MX Player

Luckily Advanced User has gained access to the paid app and now you can easily download it from the button below and can enjoy the app without ads. Don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube Channel.

Download MX Player Pro Apk For Free