Flexjobspk.com is Real or Fake?

Flexjobspk.com is real or fake

Flexjobspk.com should not be mixed with flexjobs.com because both are totally different sites. In the era of un employment and competition of jobs, majority of people are always looking for a job. Although, people already doing a job my look for an online part time job and freelancing jobs to enhance and boost their earnings.

Real or fake? Flexjobspk.com has been exposed by Advanceduser.net with all proofs due to scam activity and fake offers. Resulting into looting people.


Freelancing is a kind of self employed job. In that, one offers his services online and performs his job without any physical connection with the client. Dealing, payment, transaction and completion of task, everything is done online. There are many platforms offering freelancing services against little amount of their commission without any registration fees. Fiverr.com and upwork.com are commonly used freelancing platforms.


Flexjobspk.com is site which offers online jobs of typing work. Though, it’s a great idea but they charge some registration fees based on different packages starting from PKR 2500 and maximum to 7500. Official site reveal that they have more than 3400 active users and daily based active projects to work.

Online Jobs Scams

There are many sites which make the public fool by receiving little investments offering jobs and profit on investment but after some time most of these sites disappear taking the whole money. Recently Clickpayearn.com has taken a huge amount of money from poor peoples and failed to run the website. Resultantly, they ran away taking money of many peoples of Pakistan.

Flexjobspk.com is a Scam?

Reportedly, a friend of Advanced User has shared a few screenshots with payment proof which he had made to flexjobspk.com for online job. Though, payment was successful for the package of PKR 2500 but instead of activating the account, admin of flexjobs.com.pk said that there is no seat available for your package. In response, the client asked to reimburse his payment, but they said that it will take a month for reimbursement. Thereafter, client sent PKR 1,500 more for Entrepreneur package which costs PKR 4,000.

Now, client had paid the amount for Entrepreneur package. In response, admin of flexjobspk.com instructed him to download Upwork (freelancing app) where he could find his desired job. In addition, the admin disappeared from Whatsapp for few time.

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How Flexjobspk.com is a scam?

Official website reveals that Flexjobspk.com is registered from government of pakistan. They also have uploaded their tax registration certificate. Beginners think that hey are offering a genuine work because they claim that we are approved by Govt of Pakistan.

On the other hand, they just have a tax paying registration certificate which never proves that the website is registered. In addition, admin of Flexjobspk.com gives guarantee of provision of online work. In reality, they ask you to use upwork application which is a free to register platform. Moreover, upwork doens’t give guarantee of work. On upwork, a user can see many offers (free of cost) to check and accept a job for a short period of time only till completion of the project.

Please note that the number of admin is similar to the contact number given in their official website. Which means that nobody on their behalf is doing such activity and they are doing it themselves.


Without proof Advanced User never writes about anything. Here is a video on Advanced Users’ YouTube channel and also embedded below.

Flexjobspk.com is scam website. Video contains proofs