Top 3 Free Ways To Earn Money Online

Earn money online without any investment. Earning money is an essential requirement for every human being living on the earth. People do jobs and establish business with the sole purpose to earn money.

Earning Money Online

In modern era of 21st century, everything has become digital. Our currency has been evaluated from barter system to digital and crypto currencies with the passage of time. Now in this digital hybrid world people are still working in field and in offices in different professions. Still, they want to earn more to meet their expenses and full desires. To earn more, one have to do more but to do more a lot of time, skill and management is required if you are already doing a job. On the other hand, if you chose online earning ways to make passive money as a part time job or full time job, then you really need good online platforms to earn.

Now a days, it is pretty much possible to make huge money online but it is very difficult to find a platform which suit you and guarantees payment. Keeping all the things in view Advanced User has given a thought to the topic, searched online, consulted different experts and including his self experience to lay down methods which can give a good money without any scam and difficult work. The sole priority to look into the platforms is, own work and own money and guaranteed payment.

How to earn money online without investment
How to earn money online without investment

1. Blogging

Looking for huge amount of money? Blogging is the top most world wide successful way to earn money online through own work. In that, one do not have to work for anyone else, all you have to do at your own. Bloggers can make money equal or more than doctors but depends upon dedication, knowledge and hard work.

What Blogging is?

Blogging is the top most affective way of earning. Blog is just like a website and the key difference between a blog and website is its working and purpose. A website is mostly programmed to perform specific tasks with multiple functions. Whereas, a blog is just about writing articles and it doesn’t matter what is it about. You can write about anything of the world, share ideas, news, experiences etc.

How to Earn From Blog?

The working and functionality of blog is explained above. In order to earn money from blog, different platforms are used. The platforms like Google Adsense and Propellor Ads, display ads in our blog. Thus, we give them a platform to run ads and when people see and click on these ads from our blog, income is generated and credited to the blogger. Though, there is a criteria of these ads providers but is not very difficult. It is all about assuring Adsense about quality of content and adhering their policies. They review the blog and if there is no issue found, Adsense give us approval and blogger makes money.

Create a Blog For Free

The difference between a free blog and the blog started with spending some money is that a free blog can be created without purchasing hosting and domain. Hosting gives us the space to store our content and domain means the thing like .com .net .xyz etc.

Now in order to create a free blog without any expense we can get domain and hosting both for free from google. To create a free blog follow the steps:

  1. Create Google / Gmail account (no need to create a new one if you already have one.
  2. Sign up on
  3. Follow simple steps and there you go with a simple blog.

The demerit of using is that you won’t get a fully customizable domain as it will end with the words of for example

Create a Blog With Your Own Domain

Creating a blog with own domain means you need to buy a domain and hence you can create a blog without the word of and the address of blog will be as per your desire.

In order to create a blog with desired domain, you will need to buy a domain. There are many popular domain sellers available online with the charges of $11-13 per year. Some sites give some promotional discount, which can easily be availed by searching on Google.

Now after owing a domain you need a place to store data and all stuff of your website. As there are many domain sellers available in online market, same like that hosting providers are also available. Even both of the things can be purchased in one package, as some sellers give domain with hosting package. There are a number of tutorials available online which tell us how to do that.

2. YouTube

How To Earn Money From YouTube
How To Earn Money From YouTube

YouTube is now a days a top most used social platform in all over the world. We watch videos on YouTube daily, but have you paid attention on ads? Which appear on videos with a skip add button? Yes…. These ads pay money to publishers. To define simply, YouTube is a platform which offer users to run their desired ads. Now, these ads run on videos and videos are uploaded by some person. So, this person helps YouTube to sale ads. Therefore, YouTube shares a big revenue with publishers.

Earning Money From YouTube

Earning from YouTube has become a business for every second person. To set up a YouTube channel and earn from it, all what you need is a Gmail account. Using a Gmail account a channel on YouTube is created for free. Now, to earn money from the channel we have to fulfill YouTube criteria. A YouTuber should must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to be a partner with YouTube. There are many free tutorials available on internet which briefly and step by step explain the procedure to create, run and rank a YouTube channel and earn money from it.

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3. Freelancing

Freelancing is a self employed services based business. In that, one gives online services against money and everything happens online. For example I need to fix and restore my very old black and white torn photo. Now, I will go to any freelancing website to get services and there freelancers are available everything to work for money.

Now he who becomes a freelancer and sales his services can earn a large amount of money without doing any physical effort.

Some popular freelancing websites are:

There are many channels on YouTube which help us to learn freelancing techniques to earn money online.

Be Aware of online Earning scams

There are many websites on internet which let you make money by ad clicks, captcha typing and watching ads. These websites require some amount to invest and gives profit daily or monthly, Advanced User strongly recommend not to invest on any site like that. Moreover, before starting any new work, must search about it on YouTube and Google.

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Want to earn money online and still thinking? Don’t think too much it is already late. If you are educated but not skilled then blogging will be the right option for you. If you have a sound knowledge of video editing, photo editing or you have grip on any Digital skill you can earn huge from freelancing.