How to Create a Website Without Coding

Create a website without coding for free or chose a paid method but let’s understand some important things before going into the topic.

What is Website

Website is usually combination of pages which are gathered and organized with an address called domain. A website can be accessed world wide depending upon the privacy customized by the owner or organisation. A website may include photos, videos, texts and other files. Following are examples of website:-

Creation of a Website

Each site consists of two main elements domain and hosting. Domain is the name of website e.g. On the other hand hosting is a cloud space where the data of website is stored. Both domain and hosting are paid elements but there are several other free resources available to create website for free., and are the top free resources to create a website at no cost. These platforms facilitate us with both hosting and domain till lifetime without paying a single penny.

Characteristics of a free Site and a Paid Site

Starting journey by creating a free site is not a bad idea but it comes with some drawbacks. Most important thing in a website is it’s domain and when we create a free website using any of the above mentioned free resources we can’t fully customize the domain name. If we create a site using our site address will look like and the word blogspot destroys the beauty of the domain name. To cater the issue and fully customize the domain name with own desire we have to pay and buy the domain.

Another limitation that one face with a free site is the fully featured hosting. Though, you don’t really need to buy hosting if you are using a free platform. But you will not be able to store huge data, manage your files with ease, you will face non availability of plugins installation, will not be able to perform SEO comparatively as paid hosting.

These demerits are only explained to clear the basic concepts but it doesn’t mean that you can’t work. People are making a lot of money by creating sites with free resources.

Process To Create Website for free

Limitations of a free website have already been discussed above. Process to create a site for free is as follows:-

  • Sign Up to or sign in if you have a google (Gmail) account without creating a new one.
  • Chose a name and address for you blog. It will be like Then you’ll need to select a theme and that’s all done.
  • Your blog will go live instantly, all what you need to do is just create content. Keep in mind that adding content to blog and customizing settings can only be done by visiting instead of visiting blog address directly.
Note:- It is also possible to add a custom domain to your blog and it will look like instead of For that, you will have to pay for domain.

Create Website With Custom Domain and Hosting

Free way for creating a website has been discussed above and merits of paid option has also been mentioned in the beginning. Now, let’s move to the paid method.

  • Go to the website of any domain and hosting seller like godaddy, namecheap, hostinger etc and head out to the offers which may include domain+hosting or only one thing at once. Chose a desired package and make payment (for beginners Steller and Shared Hosting are good options) .
  • When you will chose a suitable package with respect to your budget, you will be asked to chose a domain name like or
  • After successful purchase you will receive an e-mail containing credentials of tour hosting account. Just login to that and go to cPanel and install wordpress app on your site. A lot of video tutorials are available across YouTube to understand better.
  • Now, you will get fresh credentials for wordpress and it will be easy to access and manage your site by typing /wp-admin at the end of your site address.
  • After successful sign in, in WordPress, you will be able to add content, manage settings, adding admin, install plugins, installing and customizing themes.

Though, managing site using WordPress doesn’t require special training but there are a lot of free and paid courses available across multiple platforms.