How To Earn Money From YouTube | Make And Receive Payment From YouTube

How To Earn Money From YouTube
Earn money from YouTube and get paid

How To Earn From YouTube?

YouTubers and Bloggers are increasing day by day because of unemployment and other issues, one who work on YouTube works like we grow a plant and wait for many months, we water it daily and take care of it and we hope that it will grow up and will give us some fruit. So, YouTube has now become a good source of income for many people around the world and main thing is that it is highly trusted. 

See how to create a YouTube Channel

To earn from YouTube creation of a channel is a basic requirement which is free of cost. Then we have to upload some video about anything we are interested in like cooking, programming, tourism, motivation etc. all what YouTube requires is; 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in last 12 months. After completion of this requirement we receive an Email from YouTube that your channel has been monetized and you can now turn on ads on your videos. As much as we are getting views our estimated revenue increases and on the completion of a month this amount is transferred to the AdSense account (signing up doesn’t require any charges).

Check your subscribers and watch hours here

YouTube and AdSense Schedule Of Payment:

Let’s suppose it is the month of April, our estimated revenue from YouTube will be transferred to our linked AdSense Account on 10th-15th of next month i.e. May and then there is a threshold of minimum $100 in AdSense Account which means if our balance reaches $100 or above, that all balance will be sent to you on 21st by the payment method of your choice (Western Union or Bank Account in Pakistan).

Best method to receive Google AdSense and YouTube Payment in Pakistan:

There are several ways to receive international payments in Pakistan i.e. Western Union, Money Gram, Skrill, Payoneer and Wire Transfer to bank account. But if we talk about YouTube and AdSense, freelancers do hard work to earn money online. Some people work part time on YouTube or blogger etc. and many people have made this field their daily job of 24 hours. After a serious hard work and investment of huge time everyone want their payment on time without any extra deduction as many banks in Pakistan do that. Freelancers like Fiverr, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock can receive their payments through Skrill and Payoneer without any problem. After a hard work of many months no one can bear any extra deduction from the payment amount being sent from AdSense and YouTube. 

1.    Through Western Union

In past the best payment method of AdSense was Western Union by which one have to go physically in the office of Western Union to receive the payment but recently YouTube has announced that Western Union payment option is going and add you bank account details to receive you payments directly via wire transfer. (There is no extra deduction by Western Union). So, I will not recommend you this option because no one want to go physically to the office of Western Union.

2.    Wire Transfer into Bank Account

The only option we are left with is wire transfer and Wire Transfer is the best method to receive YouTube and AdSense Payments because there is no requirement to go physically to bank. Wire Transfer has a problem; some banks deduct a huge part of your income which is a great demerit of wire transfer. On the other hand if you chose a good bank which doesn’t deduct much can be a great option for you. Do not think much I am going to help you.

Pakistani Banks by

Best bank to receive YouTube and AdSense Payments:

There are many banks to receive international payments from all around the world but here is a problem; when we receive a payment through any bank inside Pakistan there is an Intermediary bank which works as a middle man and deducts more than 20% of the total payment which is a great loss for any hard worker. As I am working for a while on YouTube and have received some payments, with my experience I will help you chose a bank.

In the beginning I received payment for two times from a bank which deducted up to 20% of my payment I will not mention its name and then I had to change my bank and now I have opened account in United Bank Limited (UBL) which only deducts a fix amount of Rs. 500 from the total payment and it is a great option for a YouTuber or Blogger.

Update 2023: UBL has also started deducting PKR 4000 on each transaction. However, exact formula / rate of deduction is not revealed.

Click here to watch video with proof regarding best bank for YouTubers in Pakistan.

How to open an account in UBL (United Bank Limited)

There are two types of suggested accounts for AdSense and YouTube i.e. Asaan Account and Mukammal Current Account. Asaan account can be opened while sitting home using UBL Digital App. To open Mukammal Current Account, visit nearest UBL branch alongwith your CNIC and Proof of Source of Income, fill a form and your account will be opened in a week. Visit UBL official website to check their SOC (Schedule of charges) regarding service charges etc.

If you have any confusion or problem you can ask below in comments, also visit my YouTube channel “Advanced User” for video tutorials.