In Future, Google Find My Device Will Work Even Phone is Off

If you’ve lost your Android phone or it’s been stolen and the battery is low, you don’t need to worry. While Google was a bit behind the competition in offering a tracking method for phones that aren’t connected to a network, their development of the “Pixel Power-off” feature for powered-off Android devices is catching up. With this feature, Pixel users can now track their devices even if they are powered off, just like Apple’s “Find My” network. Losing a mobile phone can be stressful, but Google and Apple have similar features that help you track the location of your device, even if Google’s feature is still catching up.

Since last few years, snatching and theft cases have been increased world wide and it is a great challenge for the owner to get his lost phone back.

To track a lost or stolen Android phone, certain conditions must be met, such as ensuring that the device is powered up, “Location” and “Find My Device” are turned on, it’s visible on Google Play, and it’s signed into a Google account. However, Google updated its app in January with a revamped Material You design. It’s possible to track an Android phone that has run out of battery, but only if you’ve enabled “Store recent location.” Unfortunately, this feature is not widely known to most users.

This leak, reported by 91mobiles in partnership with Kuba Wojciechowski, follows a previous leak that suggested Google was working on tracking tags. However, there is no confirmation from Google regarding the availability of these tags or the updated “Find My Device” feature.