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Microsoft Excel Course online Tutorial

Importance of Microsoft Excel Course

Microsoft Excel itself and MS Excel training is an essential requirement for routine office work. It helps to work on large data with powerful formulas and functions which further helps to get useful information, getting solved complex calculations, easy decision due to charts, easy to understand stats and more. Learning Microsoft Excel has become important to carryout important tasks. Therefore, Advanced User brings Microsoft Excel Complete course for free in Urdu / Hindi language and our focus is to bring Excel tutorials online in HD and for free.

Why This Course?

In all over the world, skills are being sold to people against money in the shape of courses, internships and initial jobs. However, many people of remote areas does not have sufficient facilities and resources to buy an online course or to get enrolled in an academy but they want to. Poverty is a great enemy which doesn’t let many people around the world to learn, polish and earn from their skills.

If we try looking for Microsoft Excel video tutorials online, we will find too much courses and videos which will include Excel for beginners online course, Excel certification online and advanced excel course but it will be difficult for one to find the Best Excel course online because most of the Excel online courses are paid and the rest are lengthy.

So, Advanced User presents Microsoft Excel basics online course and Advanced Excel course for free. So that it will be very helpful for all to have access to the course for absolutely free of cost. It is also requested to share the course with others to Learn Excel online free.

Microsoft office free download
Microsoft office free download

You Will Learn in this Microsoft Excel Online Course

After completing this course of MS Excel you will learn MS Excel basics and also gain Advanced Excel knowledge so you will be able to perform any task in MS Excel. Which includes Basic and advanced formulas i.e. IF, IF AND and IF OR formula are also covered in this video. However, following topics are thoroughly covered in the course:-

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction of Layout
  • Zooming, scrolling and navigation
  • Page setup
  • Data entry
  • Formatting
  • Applying formulas of Add, Subtract, Multiply, divide, IF, IF OR, IF AND.
  • Creating a PDF file
  • Printing

Tips: This video is in 1080p please watch it in 1080p. Do not watch the video like a movie, apply the things while watching the video. Do not skip to deeply learn Advanced Excel online course.

1. MS Excel Free Course Urdu / Hindi (Basic)

Outline of this course is same as mentioned above which includes learning from zero. It means a beginner with zero knowledge can easily start watching the tutorial. After completing this 40 Minutes Excel Course you will be able to work in Excel without any hesitation. Click below to start watching the tutorial.

Microsoft Excel Basic Tutorial for beginners in Urdu / Hindi by Advanced User

2. MS Excel Free Course Urdu / Hindi (Basic to Advance Course)

Outline of this course is similar to the above video but it includes high definition audio and video. Moreover, this tutorial is an updated version with more simpler and easy to understand teaching method. After completing this 60 Minutes Excel Course you will be able to work in Excel without any hesitation. Click below to start watching the tutorial.

Microsoft Excel Basic to Advanced Tutorial in Urdu / Hindi by Advanced User

3. Microsoft Excel Important Formulas and Functions (Urdu Tutorial)

Microsoft Excel is an important software of Microsoft which is used on daily based in almost all type of organizations. Microsoft Excel is a set of hundreds of formulas and functions which make our calculations and work easier. Learning all those formulas and functions is not important and not even possible for all. If you learn basic excel formulas, then you will be able to perform your tasks and easily learn other formulas.

Advanced User always tries to teach everything from zero which means that even if you are not familiar with the thing, you are going to be an expert. this video following formulas and functions are being discussed practically:-

  • Auto Fill
  • Sum
  • Subtract
  • Multiply
  • Divide
  • Percentage
  • Average
  • Count
  • Counta
  • Countblank
  • If
  • AND
  • Max
  • Min
  • Concatenate
  • Proper
  • Sort and Filter

In above Excel tutorials, basic formulas and functions are explained. This video is a separate tutorial and only includes on 17 important Excel formulas and functions. Click below to watch the tutorial.

17 Important Formulas and Functions of Microsoft Excel (Urdu Tutorial by Advanced User)