We Asked Chat GPT, “How to Make Karachi a Crime Free City” – See Chat GPT’s Response

Karachi a crime free city

Chat GPT is an AI language model and gives response to the user input in the form of Chat. It is a powerful tool which is helping people all around the world due to its useful and quick response to user input.

Stock photo showing robbery, in connection with Karachi crime

We asked Chat GPT highlighting the current crime situation of Karachi City. In that we asked, “Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan with a large population. Over the past few years, street crimes including robberies and theft cases have been increasing day by day. People have had everything stolen, even in front of their homes. There are many CCTV footage available of these robberies, but no action is being taken by the concerned authorities. Police simply say that it is not possible to find any particular person in this population, and people are living helplessly and are tired of the situation. No politician or law enforcement agency is showing a satisfactory level of output. Can you tell us how Karachi can become a crime-free city, or how the crime ratio can be minimized as in Islamabad and Rawalpindi?

Advanced User Asked Chat GPT to give solution of the Karachi Crime.
A lot of videos are available on internet in which we can clearly see the robbery attempts in CCTV footages.

Chat GPT is actually not for solving our daily language problems but as an Artificial Intelligence tool, it gave a surprising response to the problem we told. Response received from Chat GPT can be seen in the image below.

Response of Chat GPT regarding the question asked by an admin of advanceduser.net Chat GPT gave strategies to make Karachi a crime free city

If we summarize the response given by Chat GPT, we have some useful strategies to make Karachi a crime free city


Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and is home to a vast population. Unfortunately, street crimes such as robberies and thefts have been increasing in the city in recent years. Despite the availability of CCTV footage, authorities have been struggling to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. This has left citizens feeling helpless and frustrated. In this article, we will explore some strategies that can help make Karachi a safer and crime-free city:-

  1. Community Policing: Community policing is an approach that involves law enforcement agencies working closely with the community to identify and address the underlying causes of crime. This approach can help build trust between the police and the community, leading to more effective crime prevention. Community members can be trained to recognize suspicious activities and report them to the police, helping to prevent crimes before they occur.
  2. Improved Surveillance: Increasing the number of CCTV cameras in public places can help deter crime and provide valuable evidence for investigations. However, it is important to ensure that the cameras are placed strategically to capture useful footage, and that the footage is monitored and acted upon in a timely manner.
  3. Targeted Policing: Targeted policing involves law enforcement agencies focusing on high-crime areas and working to disrupt criminal activity through increased patrols, targeted arrests, and other enforcement measures. This strategy can be effective in reducing crime in specific areas, but it is important to ensure that the police do not engage in discriminatory or abusive practices.
  4. Social Programs: Investing in social programs that address the underlying causes of crime, such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of education, can help reduce crime rates in the long term. Programs that provide job training, education, and mental health support can help individuals lead better lives and reduce their likelihood of engaging in criminal activity.
  5. Technology-Based Solutions: The use of technology, such as predictive analytics, can help law enforcement agencies identify areas and individuals at high risk of criminal activity. This can help agencies allocate resources more effectively and prevent crime before it occurs.


The above strategies are just some of the approaches that can be used to reduce street crimes in Karachi. It is important to note that no single strategy is likely to be effective on its own, and a comprehensive approach that combines multiple strategies is likely to be the most effective. Additionally, the success of any crime prevention strategy will depend on the commitment and cooperation of the community, law enforcement agencies, and government officials. By working together, we can make Karachi a safer and crime-free city. In short, if the Government of Pakistan and law enforcement agencies do not commit to cater down the issues, public can do much to make Karachi a safe city.