Our Elite Health is Real Or Fake | Exposing Online Work Scam

Ourelitehealth real or fake | Analysis

Our Elite Health is real or fake? Ourelitehealth.com, a website claiming to offer online work opportunities, has been exposed as a scam targeting Pakistani women. A former member has come forward with proof, revealing the company’s deceitful tactics and false promises.

The False Promise of Easy Money

Ourelitehealth.com lures women with promises of easy money and a flexible online work arrangement. However, the truth is far from it. The company has no actual work to offer, and its sole purpose is to extract joining and training fees from unsuspecting members.

The Training Scam

The training process is conducted via Google Meet, and members are required to pay Rs 500 for the privilege. The training is nothing more than motivational speeches and stories of successful individuals, with no actual work-related skills or knowledge imparted. Even after completing live classes, members are expected to participate in frequent classes and respond to seniors on WhatsApp groups.

The Fake Company and Unregistered Business

Our Elite Health claims to be registered with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue), but this is a lie. In Pakistan, companies can only be registered with the SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). This lack of registration is a red flag, indicating that Our Elite Health is not a legitimate business.

The Trap: No Work, Just Fees and Recruitment

Members are promised various ranks, including business member, silver member, gold member, and platinum member, with different awards and criteria. However, the only “work” required is to recruit new members, who will pay the same fees, increasing the points and direct bonus of the referring member. This is a classic pyramid scheme, where the only beneficiaries are the scammers at the top.

Daily Tasks: Posting Videos on TikTok and Instagram

After joining, members are given daily tasks to post videos on TikTok and Instagram, promoting the company and its “opportunities.” These videos are designed to trap new members and convince them to join the scam. Members are also guided on how to motivate and convince new women to join and pay the fees.

Watch the Video Proof: Our Elite Health is Real Or Fake

A former member has bravely come forward and shared a video exposing the scam, including proof of the company’s false promises and the daily tasks assigned to members. Watch the video to see the evidence.

Conclusion: Beware of OurEliteHealth’s Scam

Our Elite Health’s online work opportunity is nothing but a well-planned scam targeting Pakistani women. With no actual work to offer, the company relies on recruiting new members to pay fees and perpetuate the cycle. We urge women to be cautious and avoid falling victim to this scam. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.