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Photoshop is a widely used photo editing software for computer. But there is an unofficial version available for Android. PS Touch CC is an android app which works just like Adobe Photoshop desktop application.

Though, in mobile phone, every feature of desktop Photoshop is not technically possible. At least, the app is giving tools which are widely used and important for customisation.

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PS Touch CC has many useful features like:
  • Creating project and supports JPEG and PNG files for editing.
  • PS Touch has facility of layers which helps a user to easy switch and select the thing he want to work on.
  • Photoshop for Android has brushes.
  • Brushes with different options, like make small, hard, soft etc.
  • Widely used selection tools i.e. Marquee, Free hand, magic wand, quick selection and brush selection etc.
  • Zooming, to work in detail and efficiently.
  • Cropping is really easy using the app.
  • Background changing is easy in PS Touch as it provides different variety of selection tools.
  • Pre defined effects like cartoonic, sketch, old photo, oil paint and black and white etc.
  • Color Grading.
  • Export options in JPEG and Png.
  • The app lets you save your project for futher editing later.
  • PS Touch app is easy to use and not a heavy app.

Drawbacks / Cons

  • The app is not official and therefore us not in play store. Thus, is not trusted for not containing spywares.
  • As the app is not officially developed by Adobe, it has instability issues. It sometimes not support latest version of Android. However, it is tested on android 12 and performance is satisfactory.
  • The latest version of the app was launched in 2019 and after that, no new version is yet released. So, it is not much compatible with the latest versions of Android.


Screenshot of PS Touch CC, photoshop for Android
Photoshop for Android | PS Touch CC screenshot

Download Photoshop For Android

PS Touch CC is a free application and is easy to download and install. Just click the link below to download the file at one click and install the apk file in your phone.

PS Touch CC Download Now