How To Root Any Android Device Manually

How To Root Any Android Device Manually
Disclaimer: You may lose your phone’s data permanently, Incorrect flashing of files can make your phone dead, keep your eyes open and try at your own risk, Advanced User will not be responsible in any such situation.


Why to Root?

Rooting a phone is just like unlocking its system files. After rooting a phone we have access to system files and apps. By rooting a phone we can install more apps which require root access like “Es File Explorer”, “Battery Doctor” etc. We can also uninstall any system app and also make any app system app after rooting a phone.

Why we should not root our phone?

Main problem that takes place with our device is that we lose warranty, so if your device is in warranty you should not root it, if rooted you can unroot it. 

How to Root An Android Device Manually

To root a phone there are many apps like King Root, Kingo Root, One Click Root and Root 360. Devices with older version of OS like 5.0, 6.0 can be rooted easily using one click above mentioned rooting apps but as to talk about latest phones, one click root apps doesn’t work like in Android 8, 9, 10 and 11. If you want to root follow the whole process.


1. Physical access to mobile 

2. A Computer

3. Data cable

4. Adb drivers

5. Platform Tools


If you want to root you phone follow these steps:

1. Download firmware files of your phone from google e.g. search in Google Samsung Galaxy J6+ firmware files download. Which me consist of more than 1 GB size.

2. After downloading you will get a .zip file. Extract the files by right click and clicking on extract here. (Use Winrar to extract)

3. In extracted filed you will see boot.img file, attach your phone with computer and copy this boot.img file anywhere  in internal memory of phone.

4. Download Magisk manager app and install it. Link Open the app and if requires any download let it download.

5. Click on install Magisk manager and select that boot.img file which was copied from computer.

6. When it says all done click on OK and go to file manager. Locate patched_boot.img file in download folder and copy it in your computer.

7. Now download platform tools by clicking here.

8. Extract platform tools using Winrar and open Platform Tools folder now press shift+right click anywhere and click open command window here. Now you will see black window of command prompt.

9. Now connect your phone with computer and in opened Command Prompt window type “adb devices”. Now if it shows device with any name it means your phone has been connected successfully and if you get any error it means you have to download adb drivers of your phone.

10. If your device has been connected type “adb reboot bootloader”.

11. You will see that you mobile phone will be rebooted itself into bootloader (fastboot mode).

12. Type “Fastboot flash boot drag and drop patched.img file in Command Prompt window. Of you receive an error it means your bootloader is locked and it can be unlocked from your phone settings in developer options.

13. Now type “fast boot reboot” and press enter. Now your phone will automatically turn on in normal mode.

14. Download root checker app from play store and will show you that your phone has been rooted successfully.

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