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Reset Windows 10 Password Without Any Software

How To Reset Windows 10 Password Free – Advanced User

This method is applicable to all versions Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Disclaimer: Advanced User never encourage illegal activities, everything shared on and Advanced User YouTube channel is for educational purpose only. Advanced user shall not be responsible for any damage to your computer to apply this hack.

Our data is always precious and everybody wants to protect their data from being hacked or deleted by other user, sometimes we forget our windows password and we think that we are in trouble. Most of the people install new windows in their computer and some users go to computer repairing shop or hire an IT expert to resolve their issue, for which they pay additional money even they can do that easily at home. You are luckily reading an article by Advanced User and now you will learn simple ways to reset your computer password without losing you peronal data.

Possible ways to reset windows password:

1. Reset Windows password Using third party software (isee password)

2. Reset windows Password manually (Advanced Method)

3. Reset Windows Admin password 

4. Reset password using Command Prompt/ cmd.

5. Remove windows password (Windows XP only)

Here’s How To Reset Windows password Using third party software (isee password):

Isee password is a software used to bypass/ reset windows password easily without login. Follow thee steps to reset your windows password using isee password:

1. Use any other PC and download isee password for free.

2. Install the software and once installation completes, run it and attach USB or insert DVD in your computer.

3. Click on burn USB or DVD which one you like. It will take a few seconds to make your media bootable, after completion click on OK and plug out the USB. Now you have a password hacking USB in your hand.

4. Attach USB with the computer, you want to hack password and turn the computer on, while boot process press F12 Key(boot menu key of your system may differ, google it) to open Boot Menu.

5. From boot menu select USB drive to boot from the hacking USB. Now you Will see window default loading as routine logo of windows. After a few seconds isee password will appear showing your computer’s user accounts.

6. Select a password protected user account and click on Reset.

7. After successful reset, click on reboot to restart your computer normally (unplug USB).


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You can also watch video tutorial to hack or Reset Windows 10 Password by clicking here.

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