Reset Windows 10 Password Without Any Software

Reset Windows 10 Password Without Any Software
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 Reset Windows 10 Password Without Any Software | Windows 10 Manual Password Reset – Advanced User

Warning!!! Trying this on unauthorized computer is illegal. This is just for educational purpose and Advanced User does not encourage any illegal activity.

Disclaimer: I have tested this method and works fine but Advanced User will not be responsible if windows corrupts. 

Advanced User is going to show you the new, latest, amazing and guaranteed way to hack windows 7 and 10 password only using cmd and without using USB or any third party software.

 Follow this method to reset Windows 10 or any windows password without any software:

1. Restart your computer.

2. Insert Windows installation Media i.e. CD/DVD/USB (only to run system repair options)

3. Press any key to boot from inserted installation media.

4. Click repair your computer (automatic system repair will start running).

5. Run Command Prompt.

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6. Type each of the following command and step by step and press enter:

  • C: (enter) 
  • cd windowssystem32 (enter) 
  • ren utilman.exe Utilman.exe.bak  (enter).
  • copy CompMgmtLauncher.exe Utilman.exe  (enter)

7. If you have receive a success message. After that restart your computer and click on Ease of access/Utility manager icon on left bottom (right button corner in windows 10) of your locked screen.

8. Now you will see Computer Management window without login.  (This is actual hack).


9. Click on Local Users and Groups.

10. You will see to folders; Users and groups. Click on Users.

11. Now you will see a list of local user accounts, now right click on the name of user account you want to hack password and click on “Set Password“.

12. It will show a warning and some text in English :P. simply click on “Proceed“.

13. Now you will see a window of “Set a password for (your account name)“, type and re-type new password or simply click on OK and your password will be removed/ changed.

14. Close the windows and restart your computer.

15. Now if you have set a new password you can give to login or you will directly see login screen.

Congratulations! you have successfully hacked your own computer’s password for free. If you have any problem regarding this method, simply comment below, you can also watch video tutorial to hack/ reset windows password.

Also watch: Hacking Tutorials by Advanced User on YouTube.

TIP: If you are already logged in and don’t now the password, you can reset password of any windows using “net user (user account name) (new password) (enter)”  in command prompt.