Top 10 Run Commands | Computer Tricks

Run dialogbox,

Widely used 10 Run Commands which will make your computer handling easy, so that programs and important things can be done by using only a word.

What is Run

In current era of high speed internet and business, everyone is finding shortcuts in everything to save time. Run is used to access a folder/ application a program or a software quickly which saves our time and we can work faster. 

Run dialogbox,
Run dialog box,

What is Run Command

Commands which we enter in Run Dialog box are known as Run Commands.

How to open Run Dialog Box

Run dialog box can be opened by pressing Windows + R button from the keyboard.

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Most useful and Top Run Commands

Following commands were found very useful, so I thought I should share with you:

  • MSPAINT Open MS Paint – MS Paint is a simple tool which helps to draw simple painting and allows some basic editing to the images.

    Paint app

  • Control Open Control Panel – By using control panel we manage all the stuff and settings of our computer, we can uninstall a program, change or add a device, user accounts and more.
  • Chrome Open Chrome – Google Chrome is a most widely used internet browser, normally we add it on the task bar for early access, but using run command is a style of advanced users.
  • Appwiz.cpl Open add / remove programs – We install or uninstall programs frequently, instead of opening control panel, one can access Add / Remove programs by simply typing the command.
Add / Remove Programs
Add / Remove Programs
  • Write Open Notepad – Notepad is a simple app which lets use typing anything in plan form.
  • Calc open Calculator – People working in office frequently use Calculator app, this command helps a lot accessing the app in seconds showing efficiency of the user.
  • Snipping Tool take Screenshots – Taking screenshot in computer is easy, as we can take screenshots by pressing Print Screen button on keyboard, but this command open the snipping tool app in seconds which helps use take screenshot of any area of the computer screen.
  • MRT Open MRT Tool to remove malicious software – Usually a computer connected to internet gets hidden software installed which are dangerous for our computer. MRT is therefore, a tool to remove malicious software from computer in seconds.
  • Winver Check Windows version – In order to check current version of the windows installed in your computer, Winver command is used. It shows version of the windows in seconds.

Windows version

  • Shutdown Turn Off PC – Shutting down PC is easy and doesn’t require any short command and shortcut key, but again users who like to use keyboard instead of mouse can use Shutdown command for speedy shutdown of the computer.