Pornographic Video of Father And Daughter Gone Viral

Shameful Video Clip is Being Shared on Whatsapp

Nowadays a video is being circulated on Whatsapp in which a person doing the shameful activity in front of camera and it seems that the video clip is recorded by the lady herself. Leakage of pornographic videos and pictures has unfortunately become a trend. Mostly public also search and watch that kind of clips and pictures because it happens with the stars of different industries. The matter of this clip is very shameful and different.

Inside Video

Inside video it can easily be listened that the girl laying on bed is calling the male person as dad. Unfortunately the video is in Siraiki language of Pakistan and those who can understand Siraiki language can listen clear and high volumed voice of that stupid girl who is talking with the male person as “Dad” and in national language she is saying “Abu”.

What’s wrong?

As already stated above, this kind of clips has become a trend but this time all limits are crossed. This video can be fake but is still wrong. Wrong to record the video, wrong thing is to use the word of “Dad” or “Abu”. The relationship of father and daughter is clean since the start of the world and nobody can ever imagine that kind of too much unethical idea.
Why I have not uploaded the video?
I have a video clip but Advanced User is not going to show that bad clip ever watched in life to others. Which creates a chain of sin when other people watch it and also on other hand, promotes the unethical, illegal and foolish idea.

Why I posted this?

Advanced User never promotes any unethical activity. The purpose of posting the picture and few words are only to highlight the face of the man, who should be caught and punished in front of public, same as he is spreading the litter in society.

Video clip

Video clip can only be provided to law enforcement agencies, police, intelligence and all who are working against women harassment and working against the people spreading the shit in world.
Law enforcement agencies and people in power can contact me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the clip. But clip will not be provided for entertainment purposes.

Update: Nobody contacted till 7 September 2022 and clip has been deleted by Advanced User.

Father and Daughter
Viral clip of father’s doing sex (as per audio) with daughter